quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2016

Speaking english, on a portuguese public library

As a worker in Lisbon, I know a tourist might pop up during the comunting and ask a multitude of information, mainly directions. It’s a given fact.
The place where I didn’t expect to speak english was my own work place: a public library. But, the fact is that almost everyday I have to do it. Surprised? I am. Or, I was…
I expected to use my skills and kownledge in portuguese and literature, and I felt the need to improve my informatic and information research skills. It seemed obvious and somewhat plain.
But a year gone by, this perception has changed. Lisbon is being conquered by foreigns, not only as tourists, but also by people who chose this amasing city to spend their lives… at least for a while! So, among these foreigners there are many public libraries costumers.
What are their needs? First, lets take a look at what they are. They are European Service Volunteers, they are Erasmus, post graduate and doctoring students,  they are professionals looking for a place in the market, they are people fleeing from less fortunate political countries… they are so diverse and they chose us to be their neighbours for the next period of time.
So, as costumers, their main need is… portuguese learning! So, after all, I do have to use my skills and kownledge in portuguese… i just have to convey it in english!

PS: Please, don't mind grammatical and vocabular mistakes. My english is a bit rusty... :)

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